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the problem for me is that people who look like me are often scapegoated more so than other folks, and as a scientist who knows the facts about drugs, that's very disturbing. >> host: i would think as a black person it would be very disturbing. >> guest: that's exactly what i mean. >> host: let's stop for a second and try to understand something that is race related in this regard, which you say is just an outrage, which is the fact that when you look at something like the 1980s and the crack cocaine use, you say, people identify this as a black committee problem but, in fact, more whites used crack and blacks. and similarly more blacks went to jail, arrested for crack use and waste and even though more whites were using the drug. how do you explain that?
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>> guest: i explain the by, it's kind of civil. the short answer is racism. this isn't new. when i say racism, i mean what we do is we put our police resources in communities of color, i met a black communities and you can catch people doing something illegal. no matter what. i drive my car, for example. i sometimes ask the speed limit. that's an illegal act of the. now, if they want they can give me a ticket. but that doesn't happen because the resources are not where i'm at most of the time. i hang out in the upper west side. but if you want to catch people doing crimes, you put them come you put your police resources in those communities. that's what's happened. this is a new. one of the things like the crack cocaine thing, it's important to know that in the early 1900s, cocaine was used by a wide number of americans. it was in coca-cola, for example. it was in a number of products.
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now, there was concern when black people started to use cocaine. for example, i think "the new york times" ran an article in 1914 about black folks think the new southern menace but black cocaine seen as a new southern menace. and the way that cocaine was talked about or black people being under the influence wasunder the influence of cocaine was talked about was it cause them to be more murderous. it cause them to rape white women. it caused them to be unaffected by bullets. all of this nonsense. this was going on then and it's going on now. although the language has changed, but drugs are such easy scapegoats because most of the population don't use drugs. you can't say these things about alcohol, even though alcohol is pharmacologically active and just like any of the drug, buy cocaine and the rest of these
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things, but you can't say these crazy things about alcohol because many people drink alcohol and the then know the effects of alcohol. fewer people use cocaine and so you can tell these incredible stories about cocaine. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> here's a look at some books published in 2000. booktv's 11 the on c-span2. i asked myself when i got to the end of the book, i sort of asked my book is asked myself, okay, why did you write this book? the typical reason would be
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because i have to communicable -- it's an out of town word. i think honestly i wrote it as a way of spending more time with them before putting them finally to rest the extent whenever it does put one's parents to rest. but spending some time with them when they were in their prime. are some passages in the book that remember them when they were just at their best, and they're some passages in their which i just -- they were most impossible. but my dad was a great man and there's no reason to expect great people to the uncomplicated. >> other books published in 2009. ..
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>> hello, everybody. i want to thank the atlanta history center for inviting me in and provide a much nicer weather for me than six years ago when i came in when my wife carol and i were driving an

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